Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sonny Paradise - "Horus Over Cairo" (video)

Boom... Boom... Boom... Sonny Paradise is back again with visuals for another slammer.

Man... seven and crescent rhymes with equally epic horns that sound signature of Joe Harvey.  Bananas...  I've literally watched and rewound this video over and over.  Ish is fresh.

Peep the math today before y'all go IN on turkey and football.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Big Dig Record Show

This Saturday Ryan Fresh and I will be at The Big Dig record show in Seattle repping Vintage Dope.  We'll be selling a mix of hip hop, Jazz, Funk and break records along with deadstock tapes.

I'm actually really excited for this record show because this will be the 1st time I'll be selling instead of buying records.  (big step)  Sales from my collection will go toward the vinyl pressing of D&G. (a worthy cause)

Check the promo I did with just a preview of some of the records that I'll be bringing to the show.  It also features a NEW Dawhud track with production from Da Beatminerz.

Come get your hands dusty!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Real Life Click - Bank Job

Just a year ago Real Life Click released their amazing "Blood of Kings" EP that was easily one of the best projects I heard in a long time.  An end to end burner, that in the vein of Illmatic, kept it short and sweet to let it's listeners want more than skip through filler.

"Blood of Kings" was a project that was well thought out and amazingly executed with one of the better release parties I've ever gone to...  this crew knows how to do it! Their content is dope on itself, but knowing how to tie in marketing, merch, and design into the brand/music/product etc. is the REAL skill.

To coincide with the release of their music video, they released a shirt designed specifically for this
single and it follows the Click's slick design.  (So fresh) They debuted the shirt and music video in a release part fashion.

Check the video and know why this crew has the "Blood of Kings."

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cas Metah - Built to Swing

The homie DJ Spoolz hipped me to Cas Metah recently and I discovered that this cat has not only been putting out ish for a long minute, but he's worked with the likes of Mista Sinista, Shabazz the Disciple, EF Cuttin and more.  The Ohio emcee is gearing up for the release of his "Old Fashioned" LP and to set it off, he's released, "Built to Swing".

Three minutes... no hook... just rhyming. BOOM.

You can also preview two other tracks from the upcoming LP via his bandcamp page.  Peep the "Force of the Beast (remix)" with cuts from the legendary Mista Sinista.  This is a VERY promising LP to those cats that miss and LOVE that late 90s early 00s indie hip hop.

Hit the bandcamp to preorder the LP, the limited edition cassette or other merch and previous releases.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Azariel Levvi - Bout Time

I discovered Azariel Levvi a year or two ago and was blown away with what this kid was doing.  His sound was a mix of updated boom bap with current rap flavors sprinkled throughout.  He would drop something here and there and then be quite for a long minute.  Maybe he was focusing on his projects or maybe life was just being life. Either way, he'd return with something and I'd tap the brakes to peep whatever he'd drop.

Here we are now as Az came out of left field and released the "Bout Time" LP/mixtape and well... it's "bout damn time".  This is no doubt a solid release from Az and a worthy of more than just a soundcloud drop.  Hoping this cat keeps it moving because his ish is worth a level up.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Inst. Versions of Vdope and "Basement Sessions"

Now available!!! Strictly for the DJs!!!  These are inst. tracks from Vintage DOPE and my solo debut, "Basement Sessions".  I usually keep these type of joints for doing shows, but as a DJ I loved getting my hands on the non vocal versions so I could cut up the tracks or do blends.

So... here they are.  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sonny Paradise - Morning Sunrise (prod by Joe Harvey)

Sonny Paradise is on a roll.  After dropping a solid instrumental LP he almost immediately followed it up with releasing tracks of him on the mic.  1st the ying... than the yang... and shit's dope.  Really dope.

On "Morning Sunrise" we're hit with a Joe Harvey instrumental and Sonny dropping reflective bars.  There may not be a video for this joint, but it paints a picture.  I imagine Sonny rhyming while looking out the window of his place early in the morning... the world waking up... getting ready for the world.

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