Monday, October 27, 2014

All your Friend's Friends - Jump Kick the Legs (video)

Smoke told me about this project he was working on with K records a year or two ago.  He was given the keys to the K records vault and in the process was making a hip hop compilation out of it. 

The project... "All you Friend's Friends" and here's a taste of it featuring a who's who including Xperience, Zikki, Candidt, Swamptiger, Jesus Chris, Hashtronaut, Miz, Nicatine, Ang P, Shellz Sck, the homie Heretic The Heathen and my man from Vintage DOPE, Luvva J.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Real Life Click - Blood of Kings & Been Too Long (Video)

Real Life Click JUST released their "SANGVIS REGVM: Blood of Kings" EP and it's honestly one of the best projects I've heard this year.  On Friday they held a release party for the project and debuted the video for "Been Too Long" with champagne, class and a performance that mirrored the title of the group's EP. 

Before they went into their set, Miz stated, "We wanted to make they type of project that we'd want to be worthy enough to hand off to Jay." And that's exactly what it is, 7 joints that are a nod to classic golden age boom bap yet relevant to today's ears. 

Blood of Kings indeed.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ace-One - Rapmonster Redux: A Titian's Revenge... Release The Krakken!!!

Ace is on a roll. The Rapmonster, The Krakken, hip hop's Kaiju has been walking, stomping, crushing, killing and destroying everything in it's path. 

As the Rapmonster saga continues we've been presented with "Rap Monster Redux: A Titan's Revenge... Release The Krakken!!!"  For this installment we've been given a re-imaging of tracks from the LP along with a few new joints. The majority of the production is handled by IRIS and she paints a backdrop that is befitting of a rap titan.  (additional production by Stakzilla, Joe Harvey and myself)

Usually pseudo remix projects can't capture the energy of the source material, but I have to say some of these joints are just as dope as the originals.  The result is a nonstop LP that is equal parts headphone nodder and trunk rattling rap music.  (which is VERY hard to do)  I can easily say this will be one of my favorite LPs of the year.

Big beats... big rhymes... it simply is a record that will not be ignored.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

dl.orion - 13 Tracks

dl.orion (pronounced delorean) is a producer from BNC Switzerland that I've had the pleasure of working with on a few cuts.  (One Two Yo!, Highlights, Back to the Essence)  We met on the Stones Throw board and over the last few years and have developed and friendship/working relationship. 

A few months ago when I was putting together "The Dig Up" he mentioned he was working on a project that was part beat tape, part remix album and part original tracks.  I was sold when he just said he was working on a project, but when he told me the concept I was even more interested.  Time progressed and as he would get closer and closer to finishing the project, he would give me an update on the project. 

Finally after a few months of anticipation he hit me up with a preview of the album and it's exactly what I was wanting and expecting. dl. orion, armed with an MPC2500, drops cold hard beats reminiscent of Havoc,  Alchemist and DJ Premier's production.  Brooding beat downs over some familiar vocals and original tracks, "13 Tracks" is crafted like a portfolio highlighting dl.orion's production skills promise as a producer/beatmaker.  This is a sure shot head nodder.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ace One feat. Stakzilla - Manile

Man... the homie Ace-One stays killin it!  As he's getting ready to release "Rap Monster Redux: A Titans Revenge... RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!" we've been blessed with the 1st single, "Manile (Rue de Moi) feat Stakzilla.  I origianlly heard this track when I was back in Indy and met up with him to finally perform "Battle Anybody" live and it... blew... my... mind.  "Manile" is strictly 70s Cadillac riding music. (so fresh)

And on the real... I have to give a HUGE shout to Iris on the beats.  This woman is making some ill sh!t.

The beast is stirring...

The Rap Monster has returned to destroy & rebuild with, "Manile" (Rue de Moi) prod. by IRIS, the 1st single from ACE ONE's Strong Roots Records debut release & final Rap Monster installment, Rap Monster Redux "A Titan's Revenge...RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!" w/DJ Spoolz & IRIS, and mixed/mastered by Blooded The Brave.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Real Life Click - Been Too Long feat. Lega'c Jones

Real Life Click is gearing up for the release of their "Blood of Kings" project and this week we've been blessed with their latest single, "Been Too Long" featuring Lega'c Jones.  The group consists mainly of Ang P, MIZ, Know Life and Page Turner.

The 1st time I heard Ang P was when he dropped the "Chronic and Patron" video. It was a dope single, but with that track as my baseline, I honestly did a double take when I heard more material from Ang P and Real Life Click. 

"Chronic and Patron" was a track designed for club and party rockin... and for a joint like that... it was pretty dope and better than 90% of the garbage that GETS radio/club rotation.  It was an example of how a talented emcee could make a song like that and actually make it pop.  Anybody can drop 808 drums, two synth notes and chant a garbage hook. THAT'S why it was refreshing to hear an emcee like Ang P flex on a song to compete with that market.

Talking with Ang P, he mentioned that it was a double edged sword dropping a song like that. It opened a lot of doors, but like the response I had when hearing additional material, people aren't expecting the updated Boom Bap sound Real Life Click has. But, if it opens ears to quality music, it's all for the better, right? 

Here on "Been Too Long" we're given a bonified jump off for their project.  As the song hits after Ang P delivers the intro, it's established very quickly that it's equally a headphone nodder AND a radio playable joint without sounding like your average over glossy Clear Channel rotation.  MIZ and Ang P trade bars as Lega'c Jones fills in on the hook which proves that this is a shureshot 1st single.

Real Life Click are going to be celebrating the release of their "Blood of Kings" album on October 24th.  This album will easily be one the most anticipated projects I want to hear this year. 

Get familiar.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vdope #murderdout tape is HERE!

Just received the red and black limited edition copies of the Vintage Dope album. You can order a copy at & each order comes with a DL of the album.

Steady #cratebangin