Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vdope dropped on Razor Tongue Radio

Vdope's "Bounce Rock Skate" was dropped on the latest Razor Tongue Radio episode.

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This is an all music episode of RTR.  Enjoy the tracks & come back next week for more shit talking & diatribes.

Week 141 Set List

[0:00] Shao blabs.
[0:31] Tommy Cassidy Feat. Pauline Garza – Good Now
[3:32] Arcturus – Wylin’
[6:08] Epp – Gun Break
[9:13] Yung Devi – So Real
[12:59] Grynch Feat. Malice & Mario Sweet – Lips Don’t Lie
[18:08] No Queztion Feat. DJ Phinisey – Ready For Me
[23:05] Minority Report – Dreams
[26:57] Illmaculate – Do Not Disturb
[30:16] Dikulz – World Problems
[34:27] Caz Greez – Serotonin Drainin’
[38:15] True Justice Feat. IMperfect Cody – Is It a Crime
[41:32] Vintage Dope – Bounce Rock Skate
[44:59] Fanobee – Bleached
[49:12] 509 Wreckerz Feat. Humble 1 – Salute

Old School NorthWest Joint of the Week

Weekly One to Grow On

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sirius Blvck - Yung Vultures (video)

When I went back to Indy to briefly visit family, I slipped away to do a show with Ace-One and finally perform our joint live. As I was in the crowd mingling, one of the artists opening, stepped to the stage and launched into their set. Sirius Blvck dropped an impressive set of drugged out electro hip hop and I've kept him on the radar ever since.  Last night I got a blip in the form of this video and I'm seriously impressed. 

This is some dope ish!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Dawhud x Ace-One announce "David & Goliath" & drop "So Hellified"

After the reception of "Battle Anybody," Dawhud & Ace-One started working on a track to follow it up. One track turned into an EP and within a short amount of time, the EP turned into a full length project.  Although the two would hint at what they were working on, they held their cards close and kept a lot of it under wraps. 
Ace-One was in the midst of finishing up his "Rapmonster" series and with the sheer chest pounding vibe of their prior track, the two came up with the project's concept & title, "David & Goliath".  Kings... giants... champions... titans.

Today we're officially announcing the project and dropping one of the tracks to give listeners a sample on what they're working on.  "David & Goliath" will feature legendary emcees Masta Ace & Sadat X alongside longtime friends/emcees Joe Harvey, JO etc. Production will be handled by Dawhud and Da Beatminerz.  With a legendary title like "David & Goliath"... legends should be involved. 

The two are currently working on finishing up the LP and as we get closer to a release we will keep you up to date with it's progress.  (vinly?)  Till then enjoy the duos new track, "So Hellified" featuring JO.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

R-Juna - They Live

The Regan Era 80s gave us films like "Robocop" & "They Live" that were social commentary on corporations, excess & greed masked as popcorn action flicks.  These films were ahead of their time as most people just watched the films like the masses they were trying to "wake up".  

In a time of vast separation between the haves & have nots, police brutality & surveillance, R-Juna presents us with a rally cry/soundtrack for the 99%.  Following the foundation of "They Live", R-Juna provides the shades and "came to chew bubble gum and kick ass."

It's only fitting that as we approach "Black Friday" and the mass consumerism of the Holiday season R-Juna challenges us to wake up. 

Listen, learn and crack your eyes.  

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vintage DOPE review on

"Bounce Rock Skate" was just reviewed on So Much Good Music

It’s funny how taste and trends work. When I first got into hip hop (a very long time ago), it was all about the newest freshest shit. If you were still bumping something from two months ago, you were stale. There was this pride in having the latest joints. It also meant that the evolution of the music happened faster. Like if you look at how hip hop has evolved from say ’94 to now, the lifespan of a particular sound style is way longer than it was from like, ’87-’94. If you loved a particular sound like say, mid-eighties electro-sounding hip hop, you had a small window to get it, cause pretty soon people wouldn’t be making it anymore.
Now that hip hop is getting older, and has some history and perspective, cats are able to go back, dig out those classic sounds and make them work for the present day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. No lie, a lot of early hip hop was garbage, simply because it was still so new people weren’t very good at it yet. So if you suck now, I’m giving you a pass just cause you say it’s a throwback.
Luckily Vintage Dope live up to their name with “Bounce Rock Skate.” It’s a throwback to those Eighties beats and rhythms, electro funk and bouncy bass, braggadocio and party records. Comprised of Olympia producers and rhymers Dawhud (who got the seal of approval from DJ Premier himself) and NW hip hop hustler Luvva J, Vintage Dope dig into the past, bring it to 2014 and make is sound, well…dope.

Per their SoundCloud page:

“Vintage Dope’s self titled debut is an ode to DJs, DJ culture and classic west coast production that is summer time theme music with the windows rolled down. Simply put…’Cratebangin.’ No guests, no gimmicks, just crates and lyrics.”

You can check out the whole project over on their SoundCloud page, hit them up on Twitter, and buy the project on Bandcamp.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PHD - Really Make You Feel Better feat. R-Juna (Video)

PHD just dropped the video of their 2nd single, "Really Make You Feel Better feat. R-Juna," off of their "Unexpected" LP.  This album has been in solid rotation on my phone since they dropped it earlier this summer.  Pimp... Hard... Daily...

Check the visuals and check the LP. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

All your Friend's Friends - Jump Kick the Legs (video)

Smoke told me about this project he was working on with K records a year or two ago.  He was given the keys to the K records vault and in the process was making a hip hop compilation out of it. 

The project... "All you Friend's Friends" and here's a taste of it featuring a who's who including Xperience, Zikki, Candidt, Swamptiger, Jesus Chris, Hashtronaut, Miz, Nicatine, Ang P, Shellz Sck, the homie Heretic The Heathen and my man from Vintage DOPE, Luvva J.